WalkJoy was one out of over 400 applicant companies selected for StartUp Health's technology incubator program. StartUp Health is a new model for helping innovation succeed in the health sector. The company provides health and wellness innovators ("Healthcare Transformers") with a structured curriculum designed to help navigate the unique challenges of building a sustainable growth business in the health sector.
The diverse group of digital health startups which focus on solving some of the biggest healthcare challenges around chronic disease, presented to an expert panel of judges and a live audience who evaluated each company's pitch and business model. The judges and audience then voted WalkJoy as the Future of Medicine winner.
WalkJoy Inc., a California based startup, was named the winner of the second annual LTC LINKTank competition, held last week during the LTC LINK Conference in Chicago. WalkJoy was chosen from a field of six finalists for the $10,000 prize, which aims to identify cutting edge startups in the aging care space and help get their innovations to market. This year's conference drew more than 200 long-term care providers and vendors.
WalkJoy. "WalkJoy/WalkingHealth is a device & diagnostic platform that addresses fall risks, Peripheral Neuropathy and other walking health problems. This unique platform reduces unhealthy walking conditions and their related healthcare costs. WalkJoy exists as the only clinically-proven means of restoring gait and balance for people with PN. Simultaneously developed WalkingHealth is an easy and accurate platform that provides real-world/real-time diagnostics that are efficacious in all walking health applications."
An innovation competition held during the Louisville Innovation Summit this week gave health care leaders a look at what is on the horizon in technology. Long Beach, Calif.-based WalkJoy, Inc., maker of a medical device that can help improve seniors' balance and gait, was given the top prize of $20,000.

I Have
Peripheral Neuropathy

WalkJoy restores your ability to walk more normally in as little as fifty steps. It conveniently and comfortably straps below your knee to send signals to those healthy nerves when your foot strikes the ground. These signals replace the sensation you used to get from your feet so you quickly gain confidence with every step.

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I Treat
Walking and Balance Disorders

WalkingHealth is a completely self-contained diagnostic gait analysis device that is used in a doctor's office, outdoors, or at home. Data can be used to identify potential fall risk patients, verify patient progress and compliance, and provide documentation for billing and audits.

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Catch Them Before They Fall

WalkingHealth easily and cost effectively identifies patients who are at higher risk of falling. Avoid costly falls by objectively monitoring physical therapy and providing WalkJoy devices to improve gait and physical strength. Data from periodic reviews can provide documentation during billing and audits to avoid non-payment, penalties and fines.

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