The benefits of implementing the WalkingHealth and WalkJoy systems in your facility include increasing the safety and mobility of your residents, which in turn reduces falls and the resulting increased care, room cleaning, turnover and reportable events. Objective data collection and reporting improves documentation for billing and audit functions, while new revenue streams in terms of additional PT billing and device sales boost your bottom line.

Increase Residents' Safety, Mobility and Socialization

Using the WalkingHealth and WalkJoy systems in your care facility will increase the safety, mobility and socialization of your residents.More...
Frequently people who have Peripheral Neuropathy and are at risk of falling may choose a walker or wheelchair or limit their outings, which could result in isolation. Over the long term, wheelchairs increase pressure sores and diminish strength, range of motion, bone density and independent mobility all of which further increase fall risk.

WalkingHealth serves in the identification of patients who may be prone to falling by measuring specific irregularities in gait. It has been shown that patients with a measurement that exceeds a specific threshold are at immediate risk of falling. Facilities can avoid costly falls by assessing each patient upon admission to their facility and at periodic intervals thereafter. Those with elevated gait measures should be fully assessed and may be prescribed physical therapy and WalkJoy devices to address the risk potential and minimize possible complications. The data from ongoing testing can be reviewed to identify an individual patient's trends. WalkJoy units can improve their gait, improve ambulation, and gain strength. Those who have improved may be released from therapy or referred to a lower level of care. Walking and falls do not have to go together!

WalkJoy improves STV by re-establishing the sensorimotor loop using vibrotactile stimulation to nerves around the knee. These nerves are not affected by Peripheral Neuropathy and have a dedicated pathway to the central nervous system. This secondary signal tells the patient when his heel strikes the ground and reestablishes the sensory feedback loop which improves their gait. Improved gait can limit the development of foot sores, ulcers and follow-up surgeries.


Wounds and Swelling

Controlled ambulation can assist wound healing.More...
The mechanism of sequential pressure which is generated during gait will partially replace the lost muscular pump. Plantar surface pressure also addresses edema which allows fresh nutrients into the tissue by decreasing the intracellular fluid load. The dilution that starves the tissue will be lessened. Used in conjunction with custom pressure garments the environmental quality improves. Custom made orthoses with pressure relieving undercuts will protect the ulcerated areas and rocker modified soles will control dwell and time at load.


Reduce Expenses and Turnover

Diabetic/Neuropathic ulcers, falls and amputations are expensive.More...
They interrupt the lives of residents and families and disrupt the sense of community that care providers strive so hard to achieve. Falls are the greatest threat to the well-being of patients in any facility. WalkingHealth can help identify people with high fall risks before they happen. This in turn reduces additional, costly patient care and turnover expenses. By reestablishing a more normal gait, WalkJoy helps alleviate common PN problems before they manifest themselves in expensive additional care.


Billing and Audit Support

WalkingHealth enables facilities to easily and cost effectively provide objective physical therapy monitoring which improves billing and audit documentation.More...
Millions of dollars in denials and penalties are paid each year by facilities as a result of insufficient documentation during RAC (Recovery Audit Contractor) audits. Documentation has historically been based on a therapist's subjective observations. Auditors are free to challenge the observations citing inter-rater reliability. Why leave room for interpretation by auditors? When you provide objective, repeatable computer generated data that maps the functional outcome and progress of prescribed therapy, the auditors will be unable to refute your claims. This has the potential to save your facilities many thousands of dollars a year of lost income.


Additional Revenue Sources

WalkingHealth and WalkJoy can be incorporated into existing business models.More...
They can provide an additional income stream as billable diagnostic testing and intervention. WalkingHealth uses up to six CPT codes for a new patient, and two to three codes for ongoing monitoring. Periodic gait analysis can be conducted to fulfill CMS fall evaluation requirements and to gauge treatment efficacy. Practitioners can make WalkJoy available to patients as a retail purchase. Additionally, all new visitors to our website will only be referred to our participating practitioners.


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