WalkingHealth enables cost effective and objective gait analysis at any location, monitoring of therapy to improve gait, creation of a new revenue stream via CPT codes, and improved billing and audit documentation. Patients purchase WalkJoy units to assist in the restoration of near normal ambulation.

The WalkingHealth devices are worn on both legs. They are placed on the tibia below the tubercle and require no more than 20 steps to generate a simple, objective and repeatable gait assessment. Each device captures gait parameters that show irregularities in step patterns and can be used to prescribe increasingly demanding treatment regimens to improve balance and reduce falls. After the baseline data is captured, repeated assessments will identify trends. The data is collected in real time and stored in each device until it is downloaded to a local computer. The therapist can then print out the data and include it as chart content and view it while synchronized with a video of the event if desired.

Wounds and Swelling

Controlled ambulation can assist wound healing.More...
The mechanism of sequential pressures generated during gait will partially replace the lost muscular pump. Plantar surface pressure also addresses edema, which allows fresh nutrients into the tissue after decreasing the intracellular fluid load. The dilution that starves the tissue will be lessened. When used in conjunction with sequential pressure garments, the environmental quality improves. Custom made orthoses with pressure relieving undercuts will protect the ulcerated areas, and rocker-modified soles will control dwell and time at load.


Balance and Fall Safety

Balance and fall safety programs can be monitored by retesting each patient/resident on a monthly or quarterly basis. More...
As their gait data trends change, preventive action is taken by recommending adult activity classes, Tai Chi or gait, balance and strength or WalkJoy devices. Foretelling falls is important to patients, facilities, and payers as a means of preventing decline in life and expenses. The prescribed PT treatments are billable using CPT codes.


Billing Documentation and Audit Support

WalkingHealth enables practitioners to provide objective physical therapy monitoring and functional outcome data for billing and audit documentation.More...
Millions of dollars in denials and penalties are paid each year by practitioners as a result of insufficient documentation during RAC (Recovery Audit Contractor) audits.

Documentation has historically been based on therapists' subjective observations, which may be challenged by auditors. Digital, computer-generated objective data maps a patient's progress and verifies the prescribed therapies. The discussion with auditors will no longer include inter-rater reliability or staff experience, since you will be able to provide consistent and verifiable results. The data printouts are being used as attachments to billing packages for this purpose. Future versions will be integrated into EMR systems.


Additional Revenue Sources

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They can provide an additional income stream as billable diagnostic testing and intervention. WalkingHealth uses up to six CPT codes for a new patient and two to three codes for ongoing monitoring. Periodic gait analysis can be conducted to fulfill CMS fall evaluation requirements and to gauge treatment efficacy. Practitioners can also distribute WalkJoy units by making them available to patients as a retail purchase. Additionally, all visitors to our website will be referred to only our participating practitioners.


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