People with Peripheral Neuropathy have a number of balance, walking and foot-health problems. When you lose the ability to walk normally the chance of falling, the formation of sores and ulcers, and ultimately amputations increases. By restoring more normal walking you may be able to increase mobility and decrease these issues. 

Your brain constantly uses many inputs that enable you to walk, which is called a "feedback loop". Vision, balance, memory, feeling from the bottom of your feet and when they touch the ground are some of the important ones. When Peripheral Neuropathy diminishes the feeling in your feet, it breaks the feedback loop and hampers your balance and walking. The great news is that your brain doesn't forget how to walk. WalkJoy stimulates alternative healthy nerves below your knee that send information to the brain, which substitute for the nerves in your feet that are damaged. This recompletes the feedback loop. Now you're walking again!


How It Works

WalkJoy replaces the lost sensation of your foot striking the ground by providing a signal to healthy nerves around your knee.More...
The new signal enables your brain to respond as if there is no loss of sensation in your feet. Most patients see benefits within 30 to 50 steps and start to regain strength after several weeks of increased activity. Many people tell us they forget they are wearing the devices after only a brief amount of time.

Each WalkJoy unit contains a small computer and sensors that measure the angle and speed during your leg movement. As your foot strikes the ground, WalkJoy provides a vibrating or buzzing sensation to the nerves below your knee. These nerves have a dedicated pathway to your brain and are not affected by Peripheral Neuropathy. In other words, the buzzing sensation replaces the pressure feeling you used to have when your foot struck the ground. Don't worry – you will notice it at first, but it is quiet, and, after a while, you won't even know it's there.


Improved Quality of Life

Using WalkJoy can increase your safety, mobility, and socialization.More...
Frequently people who have Peripheral Neuropathy and are at risk of falling may choose a walker or wheelchair or limit their outings, which could result in isolation. Who would normally choose to stay in bed or use a wheelchair if it wasn't a necessity? Over the long term, wheelchairs increase pressure sores and diminish strength, range of motion, bone density and independent mobility, all of which further increase your chances of falling.


Measure Your Improvement

WalkJoy can store some of your walking data so that your therapist or doctor can track improvement in the way you walk.More...
You and your loved ones will notice an improvement in the way you walk, but your WalkJoy devices objectively measure how much better you walk! Your doctor can provide printed reports that let you compare your beginning measurements to each consecutive visit to see your success.



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